Demonstration of different possible positions:


Orthotics (footbed or orthopedic insoles)

Plantar orthotic corrects the alignment of the foot in order to stabilize it. In addition of being the point of support, the foot is a guide to attain the desired optimal chain reaction of all the other muscles which intervene in the swing. It is therefore necessary to provide the feet with enough ampleness to complete the movement and facilitate a full body rotation with less effort. A correction of the foot by two degrees will increase the possibility of rotation of the upper body by five to eight degrees easily.

The example below demonstrates a right-handed golfer.

Rotation problems

Even though you control the technique of your golf swing, you may still have difficulty executing the complete rotation of the hips or the upper body. Most of the time it is due to a problem associated with the structure of your feet or your posture.

All the mistakes committed while executing a golf swing are not necessarily the result of a technical flaw. We tend to forget or cannot envision that some of the problems associated with learning how to swing a golf club may be related to physical problems. Even though golfers and teachers do not suspect it, a malformation of the feet (figure A) or an upper body deviation (figure B) could be the source of your problem.

Dysfunctional upper body rotation:
The most frequent deviation or posture problems that affect the rotation of the upper body.

The deviation will often affect the full function of the shoulders. During a swing, a golfer will only utilize two thirds of his upper body muscles. This may subsequently cause a misalignment of the hips, shoulders and the cervical spine.


The solution:

A reinforcement program in order to strengthen the hips and the upper body. This program requires three minutes of your time, three times a day.

This will consequently stabilize your hips and shoulders. By improving your posture, you will raise your energy level therefore you will be less exhausted at the end of the day.

Marc Cormier has designed this reinforcement program especially for PGA golfers; this program applies very well to golfers who take their game seriously.