Did you know...

Even if you master the technique of your sport, you may have trouble fully moving your hips, trunk and upper body. Most of the time, the trouble is due to posture or foot structure problems.

Role of the Feet in the Muscle-Joint System

An unstable foot will affect the reaction speed of the lower limbs. If the feet cannot stabilize the body, the body must do so for itself – thus requiring more effort for simple movements.


On many occasions in professional and amateur sports, I have had to use a corrective orthotic device to stabilize the foot and correct its alignment and that of the knee and hip. Whenever the body moves, the foot is a key element in the sequence of muscle movements. To move without excessive or needless effort, it is important that the feet have the range of motion needed to ensure the upper joints are properly aligned. A corrective foot orthotic can do a great deal to improve alignment and stabilize the foot and upper joints.

Abnormal trunk and shoulder rotation

A misalignment will often affect full shoulder function. These weak muscles can cause pain in several areas of the back, and perhaps even repetitive tendonitis in the neck, shoulders and elbows.



A training program to strengthen the hips, back and upper body. The program will require three to five minutes of your time, three times a day.

The program will strengthen your trunk, neck and shoulder rotation. By improving your posture, you will boost your energy levels and feel less fatigued at the end of the day.

This unique exercise program was developed by Marc Cormier.